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The Doldrums by Lunarsmith The Doldrums by Lunarsmith
The Wastes of Time.
The Dustbin of History.
  • The overall course of this domain is to proceed from the desert where Milo first landed into the neck of the hourglass, where the gorgon Hate lurks, slowly devouring that which falls in and obstructing time from passing. The ruins and debris are a gallimaufry from all across history, ancient and modern, but especially things that have passed outside of common knowledge, or are so mundane that they would be paid no special attention in real life; it should be as if everything humanity has ever done, no matter how spectacular or how trivial, will eventually be discarded and forgotten.
  • The angle of the pit has to be steep enough that the rim looms over the pit as you descend, and that it's always clear which direction is downhill, but shallow enough that it's difficult to tell whether or not you're actually making any progress.
  • Since Milo got into the Doldrums by not thinking, it is only natural that in order to escape from them, he must think. The default route is circuitous and slowly spirals down, weaving over, under, and through the structures half-buried in the sand, with a few hidden shortcuts allowing a more rapid descent with a little cleverness, but with various obstructions that must be removed.
  • One particular setpiece features a passenger jet, half-destroyed and embedded in the side of a mostly-buried skyscraper. After opening roof access to the skyscraper, it's possible to descend to the floor of offices where the jet itself can be entered. One of the emergency exits can be opened, and passing through it leads out onto the starboard wing, which serves as a bridge to the next phase of descent.

I'll probably move this to Scraps at some point, but it's the furthest I've gotten on actually drawing part of the Lands Beyond so it deserves a spot publicly for at least a while. :)

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April 26, 2015
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